Samantha Maree, Atlanta-based contemporary artist

God. Family. Creativity...

in that exact order lists the top three core values that guide the course of my life.

I am a child of God first, a mother second, and a creator third. Everything that I do is to glorify God in ways that exemplify Who He is and the gifts and abilities He has blessed me with. It allows me to utilize my unique gift of encouragement paired with my artistic talent.


Our home is Atlanta, GA, where I am currently working on large abstract paintings that incorporate mixed media processes and techniques. My love lies here, where I am free to express myself in ways that are authentic to my own thought processes and creative freedom. 

I'm so happy God chose me to add color and light to a world that often seems so dark and dim! Through writings and works of art, I hope to bring joy to all whose life my work touches.

Samantha Maree, Atlanta-based contemporary artist
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