What Has the New Season Brought Samantha Maree? Read Below to Find Out!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Happy First Days of Fall, Friends!

Can you believe Fall is upon us already?! I absolutely cannot, but let me tell you just how excited I am! I'm getting chills just thinking about all that it has to offer-- from my favorite holidays to cute Hallmark movies, crisp weather, and comfy outfits paired with cute boots! Not to mention, there's something refreshing about watching the leaves turn and cover the earth as all the pumpkin flavors and holiday decor infiltrate the stores. I'm not even going to spend too much time talking about those Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Cake Holes from Publix because I can just FEEL my waistline expanding, but you can just thank me later! *wink, wink!

Fall, for many, also symbolizes a season of change and newness. As for me, I have spent some time growing and shifting my business focus, and it has been quite the necessary learning experience.

Here are four things that are new with my art business:

Branding Package for Samantha Maree was created for and by Samantha Maree via Canva App

1. New brand identity. For those of you who have been rockin' with me since I first began operating this art business in 2013, you were likely familiar with Special Made Creations by Samantha Maree. I later transitioned to By Samantha Maree (Hack! Hated it!) which is what I used when I was interviewed by Voyage ATL in 2017 (you can find that article here.) Shortly after that article was published, I had my son and fell into a state of confusion about where I wanted to take my business next. Eventually I decided to get back into the studio and simply operate as myself, the artist, Samantha Maree. I thought "What better way to market myself as an artist than to use my artist name?" Plus, it's shorter, straight to the point, and easier to remember, don't you think? I'm finally happy with the switch! To celebrate my new name, I created my own new logo and branding package using an app on my phone called Canva! I'll share a how-to on that a little later...

2. New business focus & offerings. I was initially most known for my mobile paint parties. My clients would often boast about how they were amazed at their ability to create things they never had before, all while having an amazing time with family and close friends in the privacy of their own home. They were fun, intimate, and everyone was guaranteed to leave with a painting they could be proud of! As I continued to grow as