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Three Mommy Friends + Three Toddler Boys = A Road Trip Adventure

“Annie Mannie! Do you see my toys?!”

“Annie Mannie...are you ready, spaghetti?!”

“Are you ready...bisghetti in the Eddie?!”

*Insert cute little toddler boy giggles here! And my response: I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready, eady, eady, eady, eady, ready!

That’s what I heard majority of the ride...but I was prepared for it! Oh yes...and Annie Mannie’s my nickname. Don’t wear it out.

Does the thought of taking three toddler boys on an out-of-state road trip frighten you? Truth be told, I thought I might be afraid, too, but listen: it was such a great time!

Boy moms celebrating friendship, motherhood, and a fourth birthday at Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, TN

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to raise a toddler boy alongside two of my best friends and their toddler boys (they are all literally months apart--August & October '15, and May '16--and they're growing to be the best of friends). We always look forward to opportunities for our boys to play together AND for us to be able to take a break from adulting to enjoy some old fashioned girl time. This trip was the perfect way to do both!

If you have little boys who are crazy about their trains (or anything with wheels), then you will want to take a road trip to Chattanooga, TN to visit Missionary Ridge for a vintage train ride. Our boys had the time of their life! They boarded the train like real passengers with their tickets in hand, and enjoyed great views from the large train car windows. It was a short two hour drive from Marietta, GA, and a great time for us mommies to catch up as girls while the boys kicked a soccer ball and tackled each other around the nearby Coolidge Park. There was even a Merry-Go-Round for the price of $1 per ride that they thoroughly enjoyed, and a fountain with animal statues shooting water from their mouths. What kid wouldn't enjoy that?!

I'm sharing a few of my favorite shots of our trip below. Many of these will eventually be enlarged and framed so I can add it to my son's future playroom gallery as a memoir of some of his best times with his best buddies. Those smiles at the end of the trip were priceless, so it's great that we were able to capture so many memories in one day!

A few pointers: pack LOTS of snacks and toys to keep them occupied for the ride, and don't forget a pocket FULL of patience. Even if your toddler is potty trained, remember they are still tiny humans who make mistakes just like the big ones so it would be wise to pack a complete change of clothes as well (if not for potty accidents, definitely for wet or dirty clothes from playing). And leave early in the morning (we left around 9:15 a.m.) so you can get back at a decent hour, especially if you have to go to work the next morning.

Taking my son to ride a train was one of the 50 things I listed on my Fall Bucket List. Find out what else I plan to do here so you can follow along with me as I cross more things off the list, or to get ideas on what to add to your own! Feel free to share some ideas with me in the comments or by emailing me! I'd love to hear how your family makes memories together.

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